Tianjin Tongjie High Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Tianjin Tongjie High Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. In the global layout, the holding company of the United States, the establishment of R & D center, and the comprehensive cooperation with the United States ER, APSI and other companies, leading the rapid development of domestic high-pressure water jet cleaning industry. Based on water jet technology and with high pressure plunger pump as the core, Tongjie provides customers with system solutions and services.

Tongjie improves product quality and safety as the foundation of enterprise development, supported by reliable strategic suppliers ensure the quality at a leading position. Optimized production control process to  achieve a production process far higher than the industry level.

Refining on technology, raw materials and production process that makes Tongjie become top one quality manufacture  and enjoy a good reputation by end user and water blasting industry.

Provide system solutions and services for customers

Provide system solutions and services for customers Ltd. in a cross-border, cross-cultural, cross-age, cross-technology background.
Sincere cooperation between Chinese and foreign parties. and striving to move forward. With strong strength and impressive performance, it enjoys the reputation of "national high-pressure pump industry research base" in China.

Continuously achieve technological breakthroughs

Meet the increasingly diversified needs of customers

Tongjie is committed to providing users with perfect water jet solutions. According to the different working conditions of users Strong alliance with top foreign counterparts, domestic universities and scientific research institutions. The pump technicians, complete sets of technicians and actuator technicians implement customized production for customers, constantly achieving technological breakthroughs to meet the increasingly diversified needs of customers.

Strong technical strength

The acquisition of an American company to establish a research and development center to make our technology at the top level in the international market.

High-tech enterprise

National research base for high-pressure plunger pumps

Customized production

Fully and effectively cover the diversified needs of different user groups

Brand Culture

Core Values

The brand's core values are Well-Doer like Water, Tongjie products are born for the benefit of all things Learn from the character of water and do good deeds like water. To provide high quality products and services to our customers through continuous innovation in product technology.

Management strategy

Scientific management, keep improving.

Sales strategy

Continuously develop application areas and Gradually segment the market and Consolidate and expand our customer base and market.

Brand Strategy

pursue high, clean the world". To make the brand "Tongjie" the No.1 brand in China's high-pressure cleaning industry and a world-renowned brand.

Business purpose

To be specialised, refined and strong

Enterprise spirit

Technology innovation, precision manufacturing.

Talent Strategy

Making the best use of all talents and abilities. Emphasis on the training of knowledge and skills, the introduction of high-end technical personnel at home and abroad.

Development history


The establishment of Tianjin Tongjie High Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co. Approved as a national high-pressure pump industry research base


Tongjie developed 3BZ135/17 coal seam injection water pump and successfully applied for coal safety certificate.


The establishment of Tianjin Tongjie Technology Development Co. Obtained the certificate of quality management system certification for the design, manufacture and service of high-pressure pump series products.


Moved to Saida Industrial Park, Xiqing District;


Holding an American company to integrate high pressure water blast technology too reach international standard.


Hydraulic end unit for reciprocating plunger pumps are patented; Successfully held the International Symposium on High Pressure Water Jet Technology (more than 300 delegates from 6 countries and regions attended)


"Development and application of ultra-high pressure reciprocating plunger pump" won the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Xiqing District, Tianjin. The plunger high-pressure pump was patented, and the supporting coal mine dampening liquid pump was put into the market. Equipment for preparing rubber powder from waste tires was patented.


Drafted national standard GB/T261352010 for high-pressure cleaning machine;


Appraised as the training base of high pressure water jet cleaning operation safety specification GB26148-2010; Rated as AAA credit enterprise by International Credit Association; Successfully held the international high-pressure water jet technology seminar; Became a member of the American WJTA Water Jet Technology Association; Established a branch factory at Xinghua Sanji Road, Xiqing Development Zone Further expanded production scale; Recognized as a Tianjin science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise.


Awarded the title of high-tech enterprise. Patent product "a fast response fire-fighting robot based on ultra-high pressure water jet" was born. Tianjin Daily reported the achievements of Tongjie's own core technology under the title of "Small giant breaks through the world with water jet in hand". The National Science and Technology Conference proposed that "enterprises are the subject of scientific and technological innovation".


General Manager Qi Yongjian of Tianjin Tongjie High Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was recognized as the star of entrepreneurship of small and medium-sized enterprises in Tianjin (2013 Tianjin Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Popular List). "National Standard GB/T261352010" for High Pressure Cleaners won the third prize of Science and Technology of China Machinery Industry. The research and development of high-pressure cleaning machine won the first prize of Tianjin Xiqing District Science and Technology Progress. "Powerful high-pressure cleaning equipment" was awarded as "SRDI" product (Specialized and Differential products featuring Innovation and Refinement) of small and medium-sized enterprises in Tianjin. Appraised as 2013 Tianjin Science and Technology Small Giant Key Cultivation Enterprise; Invited to participate in the Korea High Pressure Water Jet Conference, highlighting the technical status of Tongjie High Pressure Pump in the international water jet industry;


Expansion of the company's Guhe plant and further enlarging its production scale. Being approved as a member of the International Credit Association by the International Credit Association. Awarded as a small giant enterprise of science and technology in Tianjin. The 81st place in the "Healthy Growth Project" of Tianjin private enterprises in the top 100 enterprises in science and technology innovation. Rated as the qualified entity of A-class industrial equipment high-pressure water jet cleaning. Tongjie "ultra-high-pressure cleaner" won the Tianjin key product.


The 42nd place of the top 100 private enterprises of Tianjin [Healthy Growth Project] in science and technology innovation. Tianjin Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprises Certificate. Undertake the National Science and Technology Support Program: "The Development of Demolition Robot Equipment at Disaster Site Based on Ultra High Pressure Water Jet".


Rated as excellent OEM of Weichai Power Co. in 2016. Major project of Beautiful Tianjin: the development of new high-pressure water striking and sweeping cleaning equipment project was successfully completed. Self-developed ultra-high-pressure paint and rust removal and wall climbing robot system, which entered the trial work of ship repair yard for the first time, opening the beginning of high-pressure pump products in the field of marine applications.


BQW125/105 clear water pump developed by Tongjie was used for high-pressure water cutting seam supporting, and successfully applied for coal safety certificate.


Awarded the title of high-tech enterprise. Cooperated with China Boiler and Boiler Water Treatment Association and implemented the establishment of high-pressure water jet technician training base in Tongjie. The debut of Tongjie products "high-pressure water brushing device" and "high-pressure water aluminum stencil cleaning device", which marked the entry of Tongjie products into the application field of construction engineering.


Won the "Excellent Award" of Tianjin Xiqing District Team Safety Construction and Management Achievement Exhibition. The establishment of Tianjin Tongjie Intelligent Technology Co. Cooperated with large shipyards such as CSBC, COSCO, Yuanke and Xinya, which established the industry status of Tongjie high-pressure pump products in the field of marine applications. Obtained the certificate of recognition of Tianjin science and technology-based enterprises.


The establishment of Tianjin Tongjie Equipment Rental Co. Tongjie was rated as "AAA grade after-sales service trustworthy enterprise".


The launch of the low pressure and large flow rate product "TTP900" marked the successful entry of Tongjie into the municipal pipe network cleaning and dredging field and filled the blank of domestic dredging machines. Obtained the brand enterprise of formwork scaffolding industry.

Qualifications and Honours


Member of WJTA Water Jet Technology Association, USA

Vice Chairman of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Jetting Equipment

Vice Chairman of the National Pump Standardization Technical Committee Sub-Technical Committee for Displacement Pumps

National High-tech Enterprise

Tianjin High Pressure Cleaning Equipment Technology Engineering Center

Tianjin Municipal Enterprise Technology Center

Tianjin Quality Supervision and Inspection Station 57th Station Cooperation Reciprocating Pump Laboratory

National and municipal level science and technology projects undertaken and completed

2013 National Science and Technology Support Program Project: The Development of Demolition Robot Equipment at Disaster Site Based on Ultra High Pressure Water Jet

2013 Tianjin Science and Technology Support Key Project: Offshore Platform Cleaning Robot System

2014 Tianjin Marine Economy Innovation Development Demonstration Project: High Pressure Water Jet Wall Climbing Robot Paint Removal Project and Industrialization

2014 Tianjin Municipal Cooperation Project: Research and Development of Water Pipeline Cleaning Robot

2014 Tianjin Science and Technology Small Giant Leading Enterprise Cultivation Project: ultra-high-pressure water jet technology and equipment research and development

Honors and Awards

2013 Third Prize of China Machinery Industry Progress

2014 China Industrial Cleaning Industry Outstanding Contribution Enterprise Award

2018 Second Prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress

Drafting Standards

《High Pressure Washer》 Standard No:GB/T26135-2010 发布日期:2011/07/14 Release Date:2011/07/01

《Ultra High Pressure Pumps》 Standard No:JB/T6909-2014 Release Date:2014/07/09 Release Date:2014/11/01

《Hydraulic and Leakage Testing of Displacement Pump Components》 Standard No:JB/T6909-2014 Release Date:2014/07/09 Release Date:2014/11/01

《Pressure Test Pumps》 Standard No:JB/T9089-2014 Release Date:2014/07/09 Release Date:2014/11/01

《Reciprocating Oil Pumps and Injection Pumps for Oilfields》Standard No:JB/T 9087-2014 Release Date:2014/05/06 Release Date:2014/10/01

《Self-controlled test presses》 Standard No:JB/T 12013-2014 Release Date:2014/7/9 Release Date:2014/11/1