Tongjie High Pressure Pumps Co. invited to participate in 2020 Dual-Use Enterprise Development Conference


In order to find development opportunities and product markets for dual-use enterprises, enhance their technological innovation and industrialization promotion capability, and promote the industrialization process of their projects, the China Academy of Aerospace Systems Science and Engineering and the National Council of Dual-Use Technologies and Products successfully held the "2020 Dual-Use Enterprise Development Conference" in Beijing on August 13 - 14, 2020. ".


With the theme of "Innovation - Integration", the conference will focus on innovation model, brand development, market development, enterprise management and product strategy of dual-use enterprises. Through thematic reports, matchmaking negotiations, seminars, exhibitions, closed-door matchmaking and other activities, the conference will help enterprises promote their technologies and brands, facilitate technology transfer and industrialization, and drive the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and regional economic development. The industry sectors involved include electronic information, high-end manufacturing, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, optical and mechanical, biotechnology, cultural industry, investment and financing, etc. High-pressure pump in the practical application of the field continues to expand, now not only can be used in industry, agriculture, commerce and other fields, but also in space science and technology has gradually been applied, including aviation technology within the atmosphere and space technology outside the atmosphere, there are different kinds of high-pressure pumps used. In fact, the development of these fields is a very important influence in the current development of society. Often, it can even be used as an important indicator of a country's level of scientific and technological development, because the development of these fields often leads to the development of related fields and many industries.     In terms of current developments, we can see that the importance of modern traffic and transport systems is becoming more and more apparent. And today maritime transport is already one of the three main forms of traffic and transport. Moreover, approximately two thirds of our planet is also covered by the sea. So, we predict: in the future, nautical engineering will become one of the most important tools for marine scientific research and technological development. And in the course of this research, we will see high-pressure pumps.

In addition, in the development of the aviation sector, one of the high-pressure pump products, called centrifugal pump equipment is well used in the equipment of aircraft and ground logistics systems. For example, in order to ensure the normal operation of aircraft engines, the lubrication system used in the lubrication pump and cooling water pump and other different types of high-pressure pump products, as well as the aircraft drinking water system used in the circulation pump, etc., have played a great role and value.

In addition to the above applications, there is also a wide range of applications in aerospace engineering. In particular, centrifugal pump products, such as in the liquid rocket engine experimental process, need to use centrifugal pumps to the turbine pump system for pressurisation tests, etc. In summary, different types of high pressure pumps can be used not only in different industrial fields, but also in the field of navigation, aerospace and aviation. High pressure pumps are used in the slag and grey water treatment units of aerospace coal gasification, all of which are high pressure water pumps, and also include high pressure pumps used in steam ladle systems.

The field of application of high pressure pumps is very broad. Not only in the traditional cleaning industry, high-pressure plunger pumps are suitable for these uses: as process pumps in the petroleum, chemical and fertiliser industries; high-pressure water descaling in metallurgy and steel rolling mills; high pressure water cleaning and descaling in construction, shipbuilding, sugar, paper, chemical and other industries; Injecting water into oil fields, feeding water to boilers, power source of hydraulic machinery, as well as parts of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals that need to produce high-pressure liquids; conveying media for fluids without solid particles. The main product of Tongjie high-pressure pump is 250TJ3 super high-pressure pump.